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I descend from Alexander Carter who died testate in Chester County, South Carolina. His will is recorded in Chester County Wills Volume 2 book 1, pages 3 and 4. Alexander’s will was written on December 13, 1819 and probated on July 5, 1824. He was married to Anna Minskip. Her place of birth and family are unknown to me, although I believe her to have been born in Pennsylvania. My mother compiled a book chronicaling the descendants of Alexander Carter in the late 1970’s. That book is no longer available but the information included in the book is now in my files.

Three of Alexander Carter’s son’s came to Carroll County,Tennessee in the 1830’s and settled in the Terry Community near McLemoresville, Tennessee. They were John, Reuben, and Thomas. I descend from Thomas who married Nancy Newton.

I believe Alexander Carter to be the son of Thomas Carter and Mary Kilpatrick who were married in 1751 in Goochland County, Virginia.

I have no proof of this relationship, but the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.
The Carter family has connections with the following family names: McKinney, Culp (Kolb), Hamilton, McFadden, and Kilpatrick.

There is a strong implied connection with the families of William and Webb Kidd of Oglethorpe County, Georgia but I have yet to verify the connection.

I am also researching the Mitchell family of Wilson County, Tennessee. I descend from Thomas W. Mitchell who died in Nashville, Tennessee about 1842 and who married Mary Butler on December 12, 1829. I further descend from Thomas and Mary’s son, Alexander Jackson Mitchell who died in McKenzie, Tennessee on September 24, 1920.

I also research other lines that connect with my family. Among those lines are Adams, Raney and Danner and Crockett.

I have extensive files on the Carter and Crockett families and will be glad to share data with anyone who contacts me with a similar interest. I charge nothing for my data, but I do expect and appreciate an equal willingness to share on the part of those who contact me.


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